Is There Really A New SEO System That Works?

Every web design company in the world wants you to believe they are the best at what they do. Each company touts its services as “top notch” and “best in class;” but what’s the truth behind it all? Is there really a company that can provide a “revolutionary” approach to SEO that really works?


The answer to the question is “yes,” there is a company that really does take on a whole different approach to SEO. Sites-n-Syllables, a web design firm created jointly by a writer and designer, has developed an extremely effective method for SEO.

The company calls its new method SISTER , which stands for
Simple Implementation of SEO Terminology with Everything else Removed.
The company says it can help you understand the SEO stands quite simply for Seen by Everyone Online.

How It Works

Sites-n-Syllables’ expert team designs your new site from the ground up, to ensure that it is built in such a way to perfectly suit search engine requirements. Each website is designed around a specific keyword group that is highly searched on the web and relevant to your company. Each piece of content is written, edited and proofed to ensure it is perfectly crafted to reach your target market.

Once the site is designed and ready to launch, the files are uploaded to the servers. Next, Sites-n-Syllables pros go to work to get the site submitted to search engines. After the submissions are completed, most sites will rank within 24 hours! Thats pretty amazing since most seach engines ask you to wait 12 to 16 weeks for inclusion!

How Effective Is SISTER SEO?

The most important question at the end of the day is how effective this new SEO system really is. It is so effective that Sites-n-Syllables guarantees their clients’ satisfaction through an unheard of method. The company offers pre-ranked landing pages for sale to clients. The way it works is simple.

You order your landing page, select your keywords. Sites-n-Syllables team builds the page (usually in less than 72 hours), submits it to search engines and gets it ranked in search results. Once the page places in search, you’re billed for the contracted amount.

No other company offers clients the opportunity to see where their page ranks in search prior to paying for it. Sites-n-Syllables is the real deal. SISTER SEO is powerful, effective, and unmatched in quality, with some clients owning 5,6, and even 7 of the top 10 results in search engines for their selected keywords. Dominate search results, reach your target market, and do it in an affordable manner through Sites-n-Syllables.

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Sites-n-Syllables and uses their services on a daily basis.
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